Shelter System Alternatives for Houseless folks in NYC
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I am trying to find long term housing for a number of people displaced by a fire in their long-term squat building in NYC. There is a single parent & child and an older woman who fleed a domestic violence situation to stay with them that I am particularly concerned about, but there's a number of folks in their 20s & 30s too- young couples and single people. If anyone knows of any non-shelter organizations i could research or start contacting i would be utterly grateful.
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For survivors of domestic violence, the MeFi Wiki ThereIsHelp page lists resources in the Domestic Violence and Abuse section. In addition, the MeFi Wiki Homeless Survival Guide lists a variety of resources, including a link to help find your local Red Cross chapter (which may be able to offer financial resources for temporary housing), and the United Way, which offers a confidential referral service to help find local resources by dialing 211 or visiting
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Red Cross generally helps people displaced by fire.

I would also ask, if it is safe to share, which borough? Different boroughs (and even different parts of different boroughs) have different access.

Additionally, 311 may have resources.
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depending where they are, a local mutual aid group might be able to help. feel free to DM me general location info and i'll see if i know a mutual aid group.
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Ganas in SI?
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Also, not a short-term solution, but while they're in housing search mode, apply for all the housing lotteries and the Mitchell-Lamas (one link) (another link). There are two different kinds of Mitchell-Lamas--city-supervised (HPD) and state-supervised (DHCR).
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Sorry, this is a better link for HPD Mitchell-Lamas.
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