Can I upload PDFs to OneNote that are bigger than 200mb?
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I have been trying for so many hours and googled everywhere and couldn't figure it out. I have some text books that are over 200mb but OneNote won't let me insert it as a printout. My goal is to write and draw (annotate) my notes for class on the PDFs. I use windows/android so Notability is not an option, but I am open to other ideas, I already tried Joplin and I didn't like it. Is there a way I can upload PDFs larger than 200mb to OneNote? Is there another software that can?
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You can use the "print as PDF" function to make files with fewer pages, which would reduce the filesize.
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You could also use Adobe Cloud paid edition (might have to sign up for a 1-month subscription) and use Acrobat Pro to reduce the file size. There are also apps and various potentially sketchy websites that claim to reduce file size of PDFs.
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