Lightweight men's jeans
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I'm looking for lightweight denim fabric men's jeans which are comfortable for summer wear. I only have one pair of lightweight jeans that I love, but they have developed some small and nonstylish holes. I have a slim build, but I'm not as young as I used to be, so skinny jeans aren't my preference, but slim fit and tapered fit are OK. I'd prefer to be under $75, and at least 90% cotton.
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It's hard to tell from the website which are going to be which, but some of my Uniqlo jeans are super light. They also have these Ultra Light jeans on final clearance right now but I can't speak for them. I think the stretch selvedge are fairly light and I like them in the summer.

Their Airism undershirts are also amazing for keeping you cool and fresh looking in a dress shirt. Lifesaver for me.
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I have a pair of Levi's that I bought at Kohl's that are noticeably lighter than other Levi's I own. I think there are two things at play. First, I read somewhere (I think it was here on Metafilter, actually) that Levi's uses different fabric for different retailers, so the fabrics for a lower-end store like Kohl's are going to be cheaper and therefore lighter than a higher-end department store. Second, different "washes" actually seem to be different fabrics rather than colors of the same fabric. Even at Kohl's, there were other pairs of the same model that were thicker. My advice would be to go to a Kohl's (or JCPenney, or anything in that tier) and feel some yourself. (I looked on the Kohl's website and didn't see the wash that I have, but I'm fairly certain it's still available in store.) They're Levi's, so they're 100% cotton, well-made (even if not as well-made as other Levi's), and you have a variety of fit options.
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another budget option is the target slim lightweight($30). major retailer obviously so you can most likely try/return them in store.

the top range of your budget is a bit of a gap (ha!) for jeans. you have to pay quite a bit more to get to the next tier of quallity. i wouldn't spend more than $50 here. if the uniqlo and target ones aren't your jam, my preference would be levi's 511. there is always a sale going too. fyi - levi's and most major brands are no longer all cotton by default. you really need to check the listing/tag for any pair now.

if you are more adventurous you can try the gustin 1968 which are just a tad ligther but all cotton and within your budget ($68) or the featherweight which are tempting me right now but over your range ($106). (note: you will need to have the hem altered as well for both models)
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I am a ciswoman but I loooooove the Uniqlo line of men's EZY jeans.

They're made of some sort of sweatpants-like denim that is super soft and light ($40 around 90% cotton depending on the color/wash and I think they have some cool non-standard colors like wine and orange and olive sometimes).

Come for the softness, stay for the pockets that are actually big enough to hold a smartphone.
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