What's the joke?
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In the video [NSFW-ish] for Janelle Monáe's PYNK, there's a shot at the beginning of someone eating a popsicle. You can briefly see part of a joke on the popsicle stick. What's the whole joke?

The part you can see looks like "What did the dough.... to the loaf of bread"?

While I am interested in speculation and would love to hear creative jokes that fit, my strongest desire* is to know the actual joke, including punchline, that Popsicle printed on the Popsicle stick. (I have studied Popsicle stick jokes at some length and I believe this is authentic and not something made special for the video)

* about this topic, obvs
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What did the doughnut say to the loaf of bread?
"If I had that much dough, I wouldn't be hanging around this hole."
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A minute too late. essexjan's version is the original which was perhaps too racy for a Popsicle stick.
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Thanks, ManyLeggedCreature and Obscure Reference! I had found essexjan's version through my own searches, but agree that it's unsuitable tone for a popsicle stick, plus I think it's too long to actually fit.
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