My friend seems to be stuck in a loop of being flagged on Tumblr.
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TL:DR: Is it possible to get a human being at Tumblr to help someone??

I am trying to help a friend with a tumblr problem. Her blog continues to get flagged for no apparent reason. She will appeal, get unflagged and a few hours later, it gets flagged again. She has no flagged posts, her content is innocuous fandom stuff (e.g. Game of Thrones, Star Wars, etc).

Sometimes when she is unflagged, she won't post anything, and then the blog will be flagged again. Without any new content posted. This makes me think there is some sort of bug.

She continues to reach out to support but cannot get a human being to talk to her. Every time she thinks she's fixed the problem, her blog is flagged again.

Any suggestions are appreciated! I am unsure how to help her as I am not a big user of the platform and there do not seem to be many support channels.
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Does your friend have a URL that might be coveted by others? I have a Tumblr from a long time ago that has a super coveted URL and this used to happen to me occasionally.
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It's very likely that someone is actively flagging this page, probably from multiple different accounts. So it gets appealed and is fine, until the person flags it again. The person doing this might hold a personal grudge for whatever reason, or just be bored. I don't know of a good way to fix this, it doesn't seem like Tumblr has a lot of employees these days
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Tumblr has a customer service number, but it is not answered by people. It is a voice message service only. Contacting support through the online forum is a faster way to get help. Even people posting to their Twitter will simply be directed to the online help channels.

However, this does sound like less of a bug (though the platform is notoriously buggy) and more like someone / a bot actively flagging the blog. This is, unfortunately, not something Tumblr can fix. Your friend may need to create a new blog to get out of this cycle. Not an ideal solution, I know.
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