Hand sanitizer keychain that I can order online?
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Before COVID I used to see Purell keychain hand sanitizer bottles everywhere - sturdy silicon bottle holders that could fit on a keychain and hold a small bottle of Purell. Now I can't find any, and I keep leaving the house without sanitizer. Something like this (which does not appear to let me order them). Doesn't matter if it's Purell brand, it just needs to hold (and come with) a small bottle that I can fill with sanitizer! Any leads?
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Best answer: Well I bought Mr. BlahLaLa one of these not too long ago...I guess it would work?
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Bath and Body Works still sells them, I believe.
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Would it not be possible to purchase the bottle separately (online or wherever), and then pour the sanitizer into it?
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like so?

ETA: whoops I chose the cheapest one and now I see the shipping delay is horrendous. But there were a lot of options of similar things. I searched "sanitizer bottle with loop". Here's one that ships this week.
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Bath and Body Works still sells them, I believe.

I can't find them anywhere on their website. If you have, I'd love to see it.
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There's tons on Amazon.
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Bath and Body Works option. It holds one of their bottles (which have scent and are nice).
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Response by poster: Thanks all -- I may go with the Bath and Body Works if I need to, but I'd prefer a more plain holder than a cutesy holder.

Yes, there are a wealth of them on Amazon but pretty much every product I looked at had at least a few reviews saying "this was broken" or "this leaked" or "this didn't loop onto the keyring" and I'm hoping to buy it from a more trustworthy source. I didn't specify any of that in my initial question though!
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The normal Bath and Body Works holders look like this.
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Best answer: It's a little off-the-wall, but there exist sriracha bottle keychains that would work perfectly for hand sanitizer. Viz: amazon link
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