Who Can Build Me a New Website?
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I have a small business that has now outgrown its Wordpress e-commerce site (Frankensteined together by me, a non-techie). The site includes a blog and a remotely hosted podcast, and has become a bit of a monster to administer. How can I find a reliable developer/webmaster who will build me a new website that I can tweak as needed, and spend a couple hours a month administering it/troubleshooting?

What I've tried so far:

I first asked for a reference from one of my fellow small business owners who has a nice site, and was directed to their webmaster. However, this person hasn't gotten back to me apart from a random "hi, let me get more coffee" message, so I haven't exactly been impressed with his follow-up. This is exactly what I am not looking for.

I had a kid from Upwork do some troubleshooting earlier, and he gave me a quote for a new site, but I don't think he is the steady hand on the tiller that I need. Upwork seems like a gamble in general.
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That is definitely an option, however, it doesn't address the issue of whether the person is reliable and responsive, and essentially verified.
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This is exactly what me and my partner (a fellow mefite) do! We've worked with some mefites in the past too.

It's hard to find good web development support that checks all the boxes (quality of work, communication, promptness, follow-through, general kindness), so I sympathize with your challenge.

We subcontract some work out to designers and developers, so I'm often in the same situation you are. Like you, I've also tried upwork (and basically every job posting site, plus creative-specific sites) with really mixed results.

The best people I've found were a combination of: personal referral (you did that part) + luck of the draw (you didn't luck out in this case). Feel free to check out our link in my profile and get in touch even if you just want someone to talk to about this stuff.
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Thanks, Uncle Glendinning. Just sent you a MeMail.
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