Where can I find a Chris Ware comic about an early recording artist?
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I am trying to find a comic by Chris Ware that I believe was printed about 15-25 years ago. It was about an early recording artist in the US who was black and recorded a "laughing song."

The details I remember about this comic:

- Drawn by Chris Ware, published in the late 1990's or very early 2000's. I read it printed in Seattle's alt-weekly "The Stranger."
- It was about a musician who recorded one of the first popular selling record (I'm assuming a 78).
- The musician was a black singer and the song revolved quite a bit around laughing. The song may have been called "The laughing negro."
- The recording technology only allowed for a limited number of copies, so he had to repeatedly go back to re-record the song.

I'm not sure if the comic was based on one real person or was an amalgam of several musicians of the time. I'm looking for the comic itself, but if that is not online, knowing which book of his it's in would be very helpful.
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TY, Don Pepino!
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Well that's pretty cool.

and in related:

R. Crumb Draws the Blues, includes Jelly Roll Morton Voodoo Curse, etc.

The Laughing Policeman, a vintage demented laughing 78 by Charles Jolly, which is a plot device thing and the title of a classic Martin Beck detective novel.
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