Need cute/funny animal videos for grandpa recovering from hospital stay
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Hello, my dearest MetaFiltereans. My grandfather recently suffered a serious medical episode that sent him to the hospital and will require a long recovery. He's back home now, but he'd love your cutest and funniest animal videos to cheer him up. Thank you so much for your help!
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Can't go wrong with Cats and Friends Choir videos.

Fiona the young Hippo at Cincinnati zoo has an good collection of videos.

Watching Teddy the Porcupine eat a variety of things is also fun.
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Scottish sportscaster Andrew Cotter's videos of his dogs, Olive and Mabel, with him doing sports commentary:

Olive and Mabel, episode 1: The Dog's Breakfast Grand Final
Olive and Mabel, episode 2: Game of Bones
Olive and Mabel, episode 3: The Walk of Shame
Olive and Mabel, episode 4: The Company Meeting
Olive and Mabel: From The Sporting Archives
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I present to you: Bunny Dressage
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Kitten academy livestream. It’s nice for the background and if he wants interesting kitten antics there are videos too. There’s a relatively fresh batch of kittens (about two weeks old) now.
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Guy dresses up as dog's favorite toy is so perfect. The way Jolene slowly stands up and the pure excitement! It's so sweet.
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He might like the BBC's Walk on the Wild Side videos? (there are quite a few more).
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I like the Sunflower Creamery videos of baby goats. They're chill and free of annoying music. Some highlights are goat babies in pajamas, chihuahua puppy thinks she's a baby goat, babies feeding baby goats, and farm visitors cuddling with baby goats.
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Tiny goat tours. The mini goats at the zoo in Portland, OR, have been going on visits to other zoo critters.
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Monkey bath time!
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The penguin who goes fish shopping!
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Funny dog videos... of the maple kind?
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Pug Shell Game
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Animal voice overs are cute and so are the Honey Badger videos
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This baby red squirrel is cute and makes cute sounds. There’s a lot more where that came from, too.
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Piglet the deaf and blind pink puppy is truly adorable, and most of their videos are short in length so perfect for recovery attention span. I especially love the ones about his "inclusion pack," and the fact that he has an excellent job as an ambassador for special needs and teaches caring. (They're also on tik-tok and instagram.)
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