In search of more of a specific genre of music video.
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I draw a lot of pleasure from a kinda specific youtube music video genre: bands that are (now) perhaps a bit past their heyday, doing big hits from their heyday, in a stripped down acoustic setting which transcends the original song. Examples: Take On Me by a-ha, Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, Cute Without The E by Taking Back Sunday I'd love lots more links to this thing, of any musicians you like.
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This rendition of MMMBop
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How about the KCRW 'Rare on Air' version of The City Sleeps by MC 900 Ft Jesus?
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Colin Hay has a whole album of acoustic versions of his Men At Work songs, and this rendition of "Overkill" is fantastic.
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In general, you should check out LaBlogotheque - their whole shtick is intimate performances in various ways. I'm particularly fond of the Bon Iver, Yeasayer, Andrew Bird/St. Vinvent, and Damien Rice performances but there's lots of good content there. You also might enjoy the Tiny Desk series from NPR as well. Quite a few of the KEXP live performances are also stripped down renditions.

Speaking of Damien, I far prefer his live performances to the recorded versions. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

The performances aren't that different than the album, but you might appreciate this version of Beirut's Flying Cup Club.

Arcade Fire used to do intimate acoustic performances at shows like this - you can find other examples by searching.

I'm striking out on finding the examples I'm looking for, but if you enjoy Frightened Rabbit, there's a bunch of good videos that are Scott solo or with one or two other members of the band doing stripped down versions.

Neil Finn does a lot of lovely versions of Crowded House songs solo or acoustic.
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Response by poster: Yes! Tiny Desk and Blogotheque are exactly what I'm talking about here (the Bon Iver and Beirut ones being primo examples) - I'm also interested in any of this type of mood from areas of the globe / genres that I am not culturally familiar with too.
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You’d probably enjoy Like a Version from
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This acoustic version of Mad World, by Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith and his daughter Diva while in COVID lockdown. It’s basically Gary Jules’ arrangement, and it’s quite lovely in its stripped down-ness.
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Neil Finn for sure. Here's Don't Dream it's Over.
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Check out Rick Astley's pianoforte version of Never Gonna Give You Up at Abbey Road Studios.
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Glenn Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy," from 2013's "See You There," hits that spot for me. For comparison, here's the original.
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I suspect this is on a parallel track and not exactly what you're looking for, but here's the link so you can decide for yourself: "Africa" le Toto as Gaeilge.
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Rick Astley with Choir! Choir! Choir! - Never Gonna Give You Up (delightful rather than poignant, but give it a try).
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Are you already familiar with MTV Unplugged?
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