Tiny model cars - how do they stay on the road?
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I have a question for diorama fans and experts. I was at a recently opened attraction yesterday that had scale-model dioramas of cities, and there were tiny cars running along the tiny streets, which I had never seen before. Is this an old technology that I never noticed, or something new? How does it work?
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Magnets under the road on a system of chains and pulleys, probably.
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Possibly the Faller Car System which is, I believe, a wire & magnet kind of thing.
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E.g., systems like Magnorail.

Demo video.
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a wire & magnet kind of thing

Faller Car System:
After switching on the motor voltage from the included rechargeable battery, cars drive independently without any external power supply. The flexibly attached front axle features a forward facing steering part for specific steering, with a small but very effective permanent magnet at the tip. It responds to a speciality contact wire (steel wire) embedded in the road, keeping the vehicle in its track.
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Thanks - both of those two systems look like they'd do the job.
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