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Unflavored electrolyte powder with magnesium and without sodium?

Because of a delivery mishap, we ended up with some Whole Foods store-brand electrolyte water that has done an incredible, better-than-regular-water, better-than-tea job of solving my dehydration-related tension headaches. The only two ingredients beside water are magnesium and silicone. So I'm guessing it's the magnesium.

But I'd prefer not to buy single-use plastic (sigh) from Whole Foods (double sigh). However, I'm also not interested in adding more sweetness to my diet, even if it's stevia rather than standard sugar. And I have sodium intake issues as it is.

Recommendations for unflavored, no-sodium electrolyte powder with magnesium?

I have a preference for a tub that I can scoop from rather than individual-serve packets. Please note Pedialyte has sodium. I am definitely not interested in hearing how I don't need electrolyte water.

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Best answer: Are you familiar with Natural Calm? I haven't tried the unflavored variety but I have used and liked their flavored kinds! The only ingredients are magnesium (carbonate) and citric acid. I've seen this brand sold at Whole Foods and other grocery stores and food co-ops with robust supplement sections, but you might have to order unflavored online.
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Would an unflavored magnesium powder work, even if it’s not marketed as an electrolyte?
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Ooh! I didn't know Calm made an unflavored, which may trump my suggestion to just take magnesium, which is what I do for sleep and leg cramps. It does work faster if you drink it, I experienced with the flavored version, but it is a bit pricey compared to plain old magnesium supplements.
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A physician acquaintance of mine claims practically no one gets enough magnesium, and it sounds reasonable that that's at the root of your tension headaches. My wife and I take Jigsaw MagSRT which is an extended-release magnesium caplet. If you're open to a pill, I can recommend it.
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Gerolsteiner has high levels of magnesium. Not what you were asking for, and not efficient, but it exists and sometimes you can get it when you're away from home.
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Yeah, you can just buy bulk powdered magnesium meant to be used as a supplement; you might experiment to see if you have a preference for what type. Gluconate seems to agree with me the most, but everyone's different.
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California Gold Nutrition, Magnesium citrate; Doctor's Best Magnesium lysinate glycinate; Nature's Plus KalmAssure magnesium citrate; many magnesium options at bulksupplements.com. If you get the chance, could you post the WF brand name? Thanks.
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I am definitely not interested in hearing how I don't need electrolyte water.

Toxicologist chiming in. If you're feeling relief from a magnesium supplement, I would strongly encourage you to have a basic (or even less than basic) bloodwork panel to "check your levels." You don't want to be masking a larger concern with a bandaid, so to speak, and these tests are super easy, quick, and accurate ways to rule out lots of concerning stuff.

I don't say this to spooky you, but I'm always amazed at how often people will opt for constantly taking a bandaid approach without checking to see if there's a different solution that might solve the problem once and for all. My insurance covers this bloodwork, and I have it done once a year to track everything.
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Mentioned above, and I don't know if you're set on powder, but electrolyte pills are way cheaper per dose and don't have any flavour.
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Best answer: I also use Natural Vitality Calm. Beware that the original/unflavored version has citric acid so it has a mild tart flavor. I wouldn't recommend it if you want it to be tasteless. Otherwise it's great.
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Electrolytes are essentially sodium ratios, magnesium and such, to levels of hydration. You arent likely to find sodium free varieties. But the pill idea or simply magnesium pills are the best answer. My headache doctor swears by magnesium.
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Response by poster: My Natural Vitality Calm came this week, and it works!!! It works even better than the electrolyte water!!!!! There is a slight tart flavor, but it actually helps me drink more water/isn't enough that I object to it, especially with how it basically instantly solves my dehydration tension headaches.

Thanks for the recommendation!
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