I am overwhelmed by tape. What tape do I buy?
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I keep misplacing tools that I set down in the dense forest and/or grass where I'm using them. I have ADHD--don't tell me to put them somewhere sensible; it is hopeless. I need some BRIGHT waterproof tape that will stick to plastic and occasionally handles. Must also be able to handle sun. I googled, and there is a lot of tape, there is too much tape, ahhh. Please recommend some tape for this purpose.
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We are fond of duct tape in bright colors for marking such things. You can find it at craft or hardware stores.
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I think you want gaffer tape. It is cloth tape so has a nice grip, comes in bright colors, and the adhesive does not become sloppy and sticky over time like duct tape. See Amazon.
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Dip the ends in Plasti Dip Blaze.
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For my job I do a lot of field work, and end up setting my tools in the grass all the time. I've found putting neon-color fingernail polish on the tools to be the most long lasting solution for me. The best thing is, I can usually find it at the dollar store.
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+1 to Plasti-Dip. Bike handlebar tape would also be a good choice since it's designed to be easy on hands, durable, and easily replaceable.
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In my field work, we typically do spray paint or a piece of plastic ribbon (flagging) tied through a hole in the handle. Buying tools with brightly colored handles is good for future purchases. (Enbrightening sunglasses frames is a good idea, too)
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I use bright pink duct tape on my hand tools so they don’t get lost or left behind or confused for organization owned tools. This has held up just fine over hundreds of days in sun and rain and mud.
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I have a roll of neon-pink duct tape. If you wrap a fair bit around a handle, you have extra duct tape, which is handy.
For expensive items, Tiles may help. I have ADD, too, and they are a big help.
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