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I'm trying to find the phone exchange name for Taylorsville-Bennion (Utah) in the '50s/'60s? I've tried the Library of Congress to no avail. And the Taylorsville Historical Society search was just as fruitless. Any ideas?
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According to this newspaper from that region in 1960, it looks like it was AM6. Are you looking for the words people used for AM? The recommended one was AMherst, I can poke around some more and see if I can find what people actually used.
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Call the actual public library in the area? They might have old newspapers (with ads that will show phone numbers) or phone books that they can look this up in.
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You may want to see if the community has a "remember when in Anyville, USA?" FB group or something similar. I'm a member of two different small-town rural areas and this comes up a couple times a month and people really get into it talking about the exchanges and operators.
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Here is another news clipping that indicate that Amherst actually was what people used there.
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Response by poster: Jessamyn, Thank you! May I ask what steps you took to procure the info? ~ longhaultrucker
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Well I spent some fruitless time searching on the local county library's website and the Utah State Library website and then I checked to see if the Internet Archive had old yearbooks for that period (no). Then I went to a genealogy site and poked around to see if there were local news sources that I was missing, and then looked on this page. I thought "Oh hey I have a account" and so I did a search there for Taylorsville, limited it to anything between 1950 and 1960 and looked for display ads with phone numbers. I found a few that indicated that AM was right for both Taylorsville and Bennion. Then I checked the Wikipedia page to make sure I knew what was meant by "phone exchanges" where they have the recommended central office names. I decided to go on a hunch and did a search for the words taylorsville and call and Amherst 6 to see if I could find some ads that used that phrasing and that's how I found the second link. Should probably mention I'm a librarian for a job, and love a challenge.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much!
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Of interest but not answer:
The Telephone EXchange Name Project
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Damn! Gotta love librarians! <3 <3 <3
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