Picnic area half-way between Boston area and Northampton
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My grown daughter who lives in Northampton, MA, and I have decided we can't wait any longer to see each other and want to meet--safely--next weekend.

I live just a couple miles west of Boston. We thought we would find a place to meet outdoors for a picnic--no shared food--half-way between our homes. This is probably right around Sturbridge, off Rte. 90. I saw what looks like a nice park, Wells State Park, but it looks like too much hiking may be involved, and I can't find a map which pinpoints specific parking and picnic areas. Does anyone know of a pretty park that might be nice to sit in for a couple of hours to eat and chat? I don't really care if it's out in the woods or in a town.
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This looks nice- Westville Dam. I haven't been there personally. The trails also look wide, which would be helpful if you need to avoid other hikers/picnickers.
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I put your locations into Meetways.com and also got Westville Dam.
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Check out Moore State Park . Just outside of Worcester
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For your own planning purposes, just be aware that while state parks are open most of the facilities are not. That includes bathrooms.
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Most state or town parks have pleasant parking lots, bring folding/ lawn chairs. Or one of you could go early, scope out a good spot, call the other. Have a nice visit.
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A couple things to keep in mind - MA has closed all the picnic areas in state parks as well as bathrooms, so that may put limits on your plans.
Quabbin is very pretty, although closer to your daughter (I'm in Northampton as well).
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Response by poster: These are great suggestions. I think we're going for Westville Dam.

And, yes, I'm keeping the bathroom question in mind; may opt for just using the bushes by the side of the road if necessary. Feels safer at this point.

Thanks, all!
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Many Trustees of Reservations properties have reopened, including Rock House Reservation in West Brookfield. That might be a pleasant place to meet up.
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