Please help me retrieve my Yahoo account
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A couple of weeks ago when I went to log into Yahoo, I got the following message right after typing in my user name: 'Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.' Since then, no amount of trying has gotten me further. Can you help me retrieve my account?

No matter what I try, I get the above error message as soon as I type in my user name. If I click 'Forgotten user name' I get the following:

'Oh no..

Your session timed out for security purposes while you were away... let's try this again.'

Initially, I thought this happened because I was trying out the ProtonVPN while trying to log in, and had been jumping around countries to test the VPN. But I haven't done that in over 10 days now, so in theory I reckon I should be able to log in, right?

Haven't found anything useful strictly about this on the internet like you sometimes do for error messages and have been effectively shut out of my account, which still contains a lot of important info. This has been my account for 15 years.

Not sure what other info to provide and not sure what help exactly I am hoping for, since I don't understand what's going on, but if you have any advice, I'd be grateful.

I'm using Firefox, and have myBlock Origin and Privacy Badger installed.

PS. Not sure this is relevant, but at around the same time my country's OLX has changed it's UI and I'm getting error messages each time I try to use it, something that roughly translates to 'The IP address you are using seems to be associate with a low-security source of traffic.' Noting this in case the two are connected.

All other sites I've tried to so far are working OK.

Thanks a lot!
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Have you tried using a different browser than FireFox, just to see if it works?
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Also have you tried turning off your blocking extensions?
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First, try another browser. Alternately, can you reach your mail using the app on your phone?

About ten days ago, my Yahoo account started reverting to "basic" mode every time I refused their pleas to kill my ad blocker.
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I would try a private/incognito window, to see if it might be a cookie-related problem. If so, clear your cookies. This is just a shot in the dark, but it's helped me in other situations where I'm getting bizarre responses from an Internet site.
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Yeah this week I got a random gmail error message "Your account is not available" with a cryptic no error message error message space. I was really concerned there was an issue but poking in support forums it seemed like clearing out Google's cookies would solve it, and it did.

So really remove all the black boxes from this equation. Can you connect from a different browser with no browser extensions and have it work (or even try Firefox in safe mode)? Do you get the same error messages? Do you get better error messages? Does the same thing happen if you use other internet (if that is an option - a phone is a good way to check this,or a neighbor's wifi if that is a possibility). Not sure how much you know about any of this, so apologies if this is basic stuff you've already tried.
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Thank you so very much. Changing browsers sorted it. I'll probably use it in the new browser from now on and not bother with the add-ons, since at this point it's mostly work to wind down this address that has been rather troublesom over the years.

Thank you all! Will also remember the 'check other browser first before panicking' strategy for next time.
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