Basic question about licensing for Adobe Sign
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I'm interested in possibly purchasing Adobe Sign, but I can't figure out the licensing terms (in particular, the difference between "user" and "license").

Here is what it says on this page:
Sign Small Business
E-signature solution for 1 to 9 users.
$20.99 /license /mo
Billed annually at US$251.88/yr
Does that mean that for an annual fee of $251.88 I can have 9 individual users all using Adobe Sign, under their own login credentials? Or does it mean that each individual user costs $251.88 per year, up to a maximum of 9 users?

This seems like such a basic question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, not even on the Adobe forums. And calling Adobe is hopeless, because I keep getting disconnected.
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From lower down on the page "Billing is based on the number of users for Adobe Sign for individual and small business plans. Adobe Sign for business and enterprise plans can be based on the number of users or number of expected transactions."

So that price is per user. Each user would need a license.
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I had an on-line chat with an Adobe rep. The rep confirmed that the annual cost is $251.88 per user, just as muddgirl said. Thanks to muddgirl for the help.
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Be aware they have a a per-month limit on the number of documents that can be processed also. So if you plan on using it on a high volume workflow, you may run into overage charge. (side note,i don't understand why digital signature workflow technology has to be so proprietary and costly)
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I'm adding this note in case anyone comes across this thread in the future. I signed up for a trial account with DigiSigner, and it looks great so far. It's easy to use and has all the features we need. For $120 per year (per user), you get an unlimited number of documents you can send. This is important to our organization, because we expect to send quite a bit more than 150 documents per year.
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