Can I eat this? Hummus edition
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I have an unopened, still sealed with saran-wrap-like plastic under lid tub of hummus. To my chagrin, it reads "Best by 4/24/20."

"I've been told "Best By" is not "Good till." so any elaboration is welcomed.
Of course I don't want to get sick during coronavirus (for $4 worth of hummus!)
in a time of low medical resources.
but I only get (a very kind person) to shop for me
every two weeks.
What do you experts think?
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I'd smell it and, if it smells like it is supposed to, I'd eat it.

I suppose you could have a bit and wait a couple of hours to see if it upsets your stomach if you are really worried?
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I would throw it away one week past the "best by" date.

Also inspect carefully--I've once had a sealed package of hummus get moldy even well before the "best by" date. Fortunately the mold was on one side and showed through the clear packaging.
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Unscientific opinion from someone who frequently eats expired food: It’s fine.

Still sealed, only a few days past the best by date, AND hummus doesn’t contain any meat or dairy ingredients that can go dangerously bad quickly.

Of course give it a sniff first, but I can’t imagine it’s gone bad.
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Yeah, you're good.
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I'd eat it if it looked and smelled ok.

This NYT article has some info about what all those dates really mean.
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Hummus definitely acquires a bit of a fermented 'fizzy' vibe once it starts to turn so I think you'd know pretty quickly after opening if it wasn't ok to eat. Take a little smell/taste test first. I'd try to eat it quickly though, and not leave it hanging out in the fridge for too long.
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This would be marginal for me and I'd still probably eat it but I'd really try to eat it within a couple of days.

I have played fast and loose with hummus before and while it hasn't resulted in full-on incapacitating food poisoning, it's caused some intestinal upset and that hasn't been fun. But it's up to you if it's a risk you want to take.
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It's hard that the time of having difficulty in getting more food coincides with the time when you really don't want to have medical issues.
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"Best by" does not mean "Toxic after" ... give it a sniff, you should be good!
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I eat hummus beyond it's expiry date. At a week later it's likely to be slightly fizzy/sour tasting but I have eaten hummus in this condition several times and it hasn't killed me yet.
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