Easy and inexpensive tax filing program for self employed?
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My accountant retired and I don't have the funds to hire someone. What is an easy tool to use to file my 2018 and 2019 taxes?

I had some (mental) health issues and didn't file 2018 or 2019 taxes. I would really need the stimulus check asap. My income is only about 19,000 after deductions, but I own a house that I rent out and I am self-employed. My income is about the same every year for many years, and I have filled out my accountant's workbook the same way for years. What would be an easy and affordable method for me to file my taxes? I would actually really like to be able to do them myself.

(I am a sole proprietorship and have no employees. It's just me.)

Thank you, I'm upset I screwed this up, but I'm ready to fix it.
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At your income, all major tax filing programs are free. Just go to this IRS page and pick one. Turbotax is well-reviewed and very popular, so I'd suggest using it. Congratulations on getting started.
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I’m in exactly the same situation and I heartily recommend using the IRS link above to access TurboTax for free.

Note that you do need to go through that link to get TurboTax to do it for free, not just go to TurboTax and pick their normal “free” option.

Another note that (based on my experience) it seems to take a week or possibly two for your tax filing to be processed into the stimulus check system, so there might be a little extra wait for your stimulus deposit but not too much.

Good luck! You’re doing great!
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freetaxusa is the one that's worked best with my funky self-employment income
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One thing to note: You absolutely need to do this as a digital file instead of a paper file to get it processed quickly, the IRS is not processing paper returns at all right now due to COVID. TurboTax is probably the most likely one to get processed quickly, if the IRS is advertising it.

The actual filing for business expenses is actually very simple and the free turbotax should be able to walk you through it just fine.
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My husband has a couple of small businesses without a lot of income or expenses and TurboTax handled it very smoothly.
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i would suggest turbotax as a former self-employed person. it was easy to use. you may not be able to use the free version, because as of a couple years ago, it was "oh, you need schedule c? here pay us".
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