IRS Stumulus Payment Sent to Closed Account
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Since filing taxes last year, I changed banks and closed the account that I've used for IRS direct deposits. Checking on the status of my stimulus payment says that the payment is scheduled to be delivered to the (now closed) account today. How can I update my bank info? Should I fill out the form for non-filers? Something else? The FAQs page doesn't address this.
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I would still try changing your info using the IRS "Get My Payment" link --if you can, and are able to get to it before your direct deposit hits the bank, that will be the smoothest way:

==>IRS Get My Payment link

Instructions on that page include:
Use the "Get My Payment" application to:

* Check your payment status
* Confirm your payment type: direct deposit or check
* Enter your bank account information for direct deposit if we don't have your direct deposit information and we haven't sent your payment yet

2019 Filers: We will send your payment using the information you provided with your 2019 tax return. You will not be able to change it.

2018 Filers: If you need to change your account information or mailing address, file your 2019 taxes electronically as soon as possible. That is the only way to let us know your new information.
2nd line of defense: If you filed taxes last year as you say, that will be a 2018 return and you can follow the instructions above for 2018 filers (file your 2019 return with updated direct deposit info ASAP).

Finally, my spouse who works at H&R Block says that the IRS recently changed their system so that if a direct deposit is refused, returned, etc the IRS will turn around and issue a paper check to you automatically. Previously you had to go & fight with the bank to try to get the $$$ out of them even though your account was closed or whatever.

Presumably this new "automatically send a check if direct deposit fails" system will be in effect for these refund checks also--they're using the same system. So if the direct deposit comes back to the IRS they will presumably put the $$$ in the queue to be sent out via the paper check method.

However that is only a guess based on the way the IRS usually handles this type of situation.
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The Get My Payment Page may allow you to update your bank account details if they have not already sent it.

If they do send it to the closed account...

For security reasons, the IRS plans to mail a letter about the economic impact payment to the taxpayer’s last known address within 15 days after the payment is paid. The letter will provide information on how the payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the payment. If a taxpayer is unsure they’re receiving a legitimate letter, the IRS urges taxpayers to visit first to protect against scam artists.

It sounds like you can report this using the information in the letter when you receive it.
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Response by poster: I used the Get My Payment page already, which is how I found out that the payment is scheduled to be delivered today to that old account. This is the message I got:

We scheduled your payment to be deposited on April 15, 2020 to the bank account below.

Bank Account Number: XXXX (old account #)

If you don't see your payment credited to your account, check with your bank to verify they received it. We will mail you a letter with additional information on this payment.

If you need additional help or do not receive your payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

No option to update my bank info. Guess I'll just wait for a paper check per flug's comment.
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Certain banks have been known to silently reactivate accounts with activity on them, which is extremely unhelpful in fraud situations, but might be helpful or complicate things here.

If possible, you may want to check on the status of the account with the bank later this week.
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Yes, I was going to add--definitely check with the bank. They may be able to do something to get you the funds, or at least be able to advise on what happened when the transfer hit the bank.
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I have a somewhat related issue: the most recent bank account info the IRS has for me was when my ex-wife and I filed jointly in 2018. Now that account is hers. (And the "Get My Payment" link hasn't worked for me for the last 3 days...)
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Are you meaning that you havent filed taxes for 2019 or that you're closed the account you had your 2019 tax check go to? If the account in question is the one from your 2018 tax deposit you should have been able to fix that info in the website to IRS. There will be a link there
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