Delivery for goat meat/mutton/lamb?
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How do I get goat meat (I am open to mutton or lamb too) delivered to my house? Normally, I buy about 5 pounds a month of skin-on, cubed goat meat for stews. The nearby Asian and Latin markets where I usually buy the meat have temporarily shut down due to Covid-19. I am in Tampa Bay, Florida and I can also drive somewhere for a pick-up point. Just really not interested in going to a grocery store right now.
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Local Harvest is a good place to start.
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Northstar Bison ships both goat and lamb meat. They appear to be sold out of a lot right now, but check back as they may restock.
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Is there a halal market near you that's still open? Zabeeha meats will ship nationwide if you can't find one locally.
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I've been buying this type of meat from Blackwing. It ships via UPS, packed with dry ice. They have both goat and lamb.
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