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I'm looking for virtual dates to go on with my girlfriend.

I'd like to share some kind of virtual experience together, like a poetry reading, nature tour, art gallery/studio visit, or maybe a live music show. If possible, I'd like to get us "tickets" -- the thing I'm really hoping for is an event with a set time in the evening, so I can plan to "pick her up at her place" on video chat and "bring" her to an internet location where a shared experience is happening. I would also settle for some kind of pre-recorded guided tour of a really cool place that we could watch and/or navigate together. I've looked on EventBrite for live online events, but without a personal recommendation I feel lost in the sea of stuff there. Thank you!
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I would definitely check out The Social Distancing Festival as they have a good list of online arts/culture events
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Best answer: caveat has sciencey live shows
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it wouldn't be a set time, but google earth has.. I'm not sure how to explain it. Street view inside museums? so you can virtually walk around the museum.

If you did a screen share after picking her up (probably would work best if you have both a screenshare computer and another computer/tablet with a webcam so you can still look at each other) and then you "walked around the museum" together, looking at stuff, that seems fun.

this is a very specific person this idea appeals to (me) but I loooove looking at real estate and a ton of realtors have started doing online virtual tours. you could pretend to home shop together, without wasting any realtors' time when you're not actually looking!
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Oh that's really sweet. How far away are you from each other? Could you have the same meal delivered to each other so you are sharing a meal, too?
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Best answer: Camp Beotis has cool literary events coming up. I registered for Making Friends as an Adult (tomorrow) and Fashion & Finding Your Style (Sunday). Triangle House has a fun Homebound author talk series. One of my local bookstores, Politics & Prose, is doing P&P live author events; not everything is free, but many are.
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Best answer: Atlas Obscura has some fun upcoming online events, several of which are ticketed.
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Not ticketed, but you can watch Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals on Fridays. Each feature-length show will begin streaming on YouTube at 2 p.m. EST and remain accessible - free of charge - for the next 48 hours.

Synetic Theater has some low cost ticketed streaming stuff.
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There's an upcoming digital even this week that I plan on attending: the cast of "That Thing You Do" are getting together to watch the movie online.

It's a great movie and the lead singer of Fountains of Wayne, who passed away from COVID-19, wrote the music. Plus it's a fundraiser.
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