Identify/translate Arabic cassette tape
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I was given this tape by a bus driver in Morocco 30 years ago. Can anyone translate so I can identify the artist, etc? Thank you!
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Best answer: Looks like the artist is Samir Soror (spelling of the second name may vary, I found it on spotify as Sorour). I need to squint a little at the rest of the cassette to see if I can figure out the album.
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Best answer: Okay, first piece listed on the cassette, roughly 'it feels like love': Youtube

Second piece (roughly 'love has come to us'):Youtube

Third piece (roughly 'Oh person I miss'):Youtube

Does that match up?
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Response by poster: Wow. I am literally in tears right now. Absolutely flooded with memories. Thank you gwyhir from the bottom of my heart.
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I'm happy to help! Sadly, most of the information on him is only on the Arabic language wikipedia, but if you are ever looking for more stuff of similar style, Abdel Halim Hafez is a little better known outside Egypt, so it might easier to find information: Wikipedia
He is the singer for a lot of music for which Samir Soror played saxophone.
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Here's a link to his discography on, with 36 copies of albums by/featuring him for sale. Looks like about half of them are available on CD.

Yours is possibly this one? Based on track titles. Though it doesn't list having come out on Cassette so you may have a thing that would be a new entry to the database.
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