Looking to incorporate oversight into online coaching for students.
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For research purposes on how to do this, can you help point me in the right direction or suggest key words I might use? Please see Extended Explanation. Many thanks.

Our writing coach program for six school districts is looking to incorporate online coaching with students. Until COVID, we worked one-on-one with students in a classroom setting where student and coach could always be observed by the teacher.

I've been researching how to have a "3rd person in the room" during one-on-one, online coaching sessions between coach and student as they work on students' writing projects. My research has got me nowhere, as my Google queries point to online privacy practices for how apps handle personal information collection during, say, account set up and login.
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So, I do student clinical work, and the setup we've decided on is having myself, my client, and my supervisor on the video call. The client and I use video and voice, but the supervisor's video and voice are muted. So she can listen/see but doesn't intrude on the call. Would something like that work for what you're trying to do?
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