iPhone on wifi: browser works, Mail says "No Internet Connection." Wut?
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When my iPhone Xs (iOS 12.1.2) is connected to my home wifi, whether cellular data is on or off, my iPhone's Mail app throws this error: "Cannot Get Mail No Internet connection available." Web pages will load, apps will update, everything else works. With cellular data only, Mail and everything else works fine. If wifi is connected, cellular data on or off, Mail fails but everything else works. Screwy.

On wifi, Mail on Ms. matter's iPhone works , our laptops work: mail and web pages work, I wrote this ask on mine, all good.

I've rebooted the phone, renewed the IP address, tried with TunnelBear off and on. No joy.

I'm an experienced user of Apple gear; I've had iPhones every other year since they existed; I have numerous trusted sites that help me troubleshoot odd behavior; I am de facto tech support for many Apple users among friends and fam. I am stumped. My search fu has failed me. Please help me, Hive.
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Best answer: Can you uninstall and reinstall Mail on your phone? I know iPhones are weird about what you're allowed to uninstall, but if it's possible?
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Best answer: Could be a DNS issue. Check to see if you’re getting the same DNS server assigned on working devices as you are on your iPhone. And reboot all the networking equipment you have access to.

Also — if you add Ms. matter’s email account to your phone does it connect correctly?
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Best answer: Do you have a Pi Hole or something else messing with your DNS? This does sound like a DNS thing. Maybe you have a funny setting for your wifi network.

(Personally I would try changing the AP name and see if it still happens.)
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Best answer: * Can you clarify: did this ever work? If so, can you think of anything you changed around the time it stopped working?
* What Mail host are you using (gmail, mac.com...?)
* I once had my mail host blacklist my IP address due to failed login attempts. If your iPhone is getting a different IP address than your laptop, this could explain the behavior seen. (Counter argument: using a VPN such as TunnelBear should give you a different IP address which should in theory fix the problem)
* Could you be using a slightly different configuration on the iPhone? (e.g. POP instead of SMTP, or a different Port)? Maybe your ISP tightened up security and is now blocking port that protocol/port?
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Response by poster: Thank you for all the responses. I've been surprisingly busy since posting this. Working on it today.
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Response by poster: SUCCESS

No Pihole, but maybe in the future. Didn't try Ms. Matter's account on my phone they worked fine on hers sitting right next to me, including gmail. Yes, my accounts all did work just fine before: generic email from my ISP, personal mail tied to one of my domains, gmail. Not sure what changed to bork them all.

What worked: switched the iPhone to OpenDNS [,]. I'm not sure the DNS switch did it. I tried to delete all the active email accounts on the phone, but when reentering the accounts, the phone would tell me the account was already there, to go to settings to activate it. In settings, it wasn't there. So I made sure they were deleted and then shut down the phone for a couple of minutes.

On restart, I entered the email accounts afresh and BOOM they all worked, sending and receiving. If I feel daring I may switch the wifi DNS servers back to automatic and see wha happened.

Thanks all.
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