Trying to assemble a comprehensive reading list on Venezuelan history
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What it says on the lid. Details within!

I've followed contemporary politics quite closely (and depressingly), but I feel like my understanding of the history is thinner than I would like. I'm interested in any good recs you have...overviews are good, but so are books that focus on specific topics, or specific time periods. Would love to read stuff by Venezuelan authors, or other latin american authors, but this is definitely not a strict requirement. English or Spanish is fine.

I think my main desire is just interesting, well written, well researched stuff that, altogether, will give me a clearer picture of the history of the country, leading of course to the modern day. No topic is too niche! But of course I'm hoping that altogether the reading list will be comprehensive.
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Response by poster: Oh and while I'm sure that I will end up reading multiple biographies of Bolivar and details about his actions in South America, I'm much more interested in the last 100 years of Venezuela, especially the military dictatorship, the oil boom, politics in that era, etc.
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