Looking for a Nominet registrar (for a .ltd.uk TLD) domain
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But I know some don't deal with .ltd.uk TLDs... Does anyone here know (or recommend, or otherwise!) a registered Nominet registered Registrar (from the list linked below) who deal with .ltd.uk domains? Nominet Register of Registrars... Perhaps someone here, or someone you know has registered a .ltd.uk domain in the past, and wouldn't mind letting me know who they used. (or PM me their domain, so I can find out myself) I considered checking the Accredited ones first, but I already know that at least one of them doesn't deal with .ltd.uk domains.

Perhaps I'm being particularly unbright (or too lazy to check/contact every registrar on the list) or to do the leg work of locating another .ltd.uk domain (I'm not sure I know of many others), and tracking backwards to who their registrar is...

To remain unbiased, Nominet can't recommend (nor even suggest) anyone... even though they don't seem to provide a list of what TLD are/aren't handled by their registrars.

{I notice in Ask's history, 2008, someone else ask about .ltd.uk domains, but I could not see the domain... and haven't contacted the asker}
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I trust and recommend gandi.net.
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Have you tried namecheap? They're on the list, and I've successfully registered a co.uk name with them before (which ticked all the nominet boxes).
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gandi.net has a clumsy interface but they throw in free email hosting.

inwx.com ist also good.

internet.bs is great, fee privacy who is (for domains where it is allowed)
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3rding Gandi.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I've got somewhere to start now! (I'll return soon.)
Aside: I was starting to work out how I might locate other websites who use their .ltd.uk ...
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Response by poster: Quick check of their transfer page, but it seems they don't deal with .ltd.uk "cannot be transferred to Gandi. " (why? "This extension is not supported") :( I'll get in contact with them to find out
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Response by poster: Despite Namecheap's page on the subject, it seems they don't deal with .ltd.uk domains at the moment :(
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Response by poster: It seems gandi don't deal with .ltd.uk either :< - Someone must!
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Response by poster: Mythic Beasts were helpful, but don't deal with .ltd.uk domains at the moment.

I have located a registered Registra. https://www.ukfast.co.uk/ (I searched for other .ltd.uk domains, which wasn't that easy.)

Yesterday, I was also contacted by someone from Gandi.net's customer care, to tell me that they'd located the same registrar (Really going above and beyond, I must say. Thank you, Gandi.net !). Kudos!

I'll post more details here once I know everything works - but so far they've been VERY helpful (I'll also share what I/others need(ed) to do, so that others in the same boat might benefit).

Thank you all for assisting/suggesting.
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