Coop TLD Registrars?
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I'd really like to get a Coop TLD, but I'm having a hard time finding an affordable and easy-to-use registrar.

Any recomendations for companies that do a good job with this TLD? Any experiences? I'd really like to be paying sub-$20/year.
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I was looking into this myself, recently. I haven't found anything particularly cheap so far, and I think the reason is given in the last part of this answer on the FAQ:

Q: How much does it cost to register a name under .coop?
A: Registration fees for .coop domain names are set by each Registrar and can vary based on options that are included with the domain name as well as the length of registration. Each registrar determines the prices and contractual terms it offers, as allowed by ICANN. When you register a domain name, you enter into a legal agreement between you and the registrar. Each registrar should post a copy of its registration agreement on its site. Registration under .coop will be more costly than unrestricted domains like .com, because dotCoop must verify the eligibility of applicants for .coop domain names.

So, I suspect sub-$20 is unlikely.
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(I am also curious to know what the cheapest option is, so I'm hoping someone else can answer that. But I thought it would be helpful for you to know that sub-$20 may not be realistic.)
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The list of registrars for .coop is pretty short (in comparison, the .com one goes on forever). Domain Bank claims that they are "the only North American authorized .coop registrar".

I'm guessing you'd be lucky to get $100/year, clicking around I saw ~$120 a couple times.
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