Books about herb gardening
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I'd like suggestions for books about culinary herb gardening that go beyond intro level, but there are a million options.

I'm an experienced gardener. Each year in the outside garden we grow parsley, cilantro, and loads of basil. I'd like to take my herb gardening up a notch and grow herbs indoors, learn about more herb varieties, learn propagation techniques, and just have some fun interesting herb gardening books to read. My interest is culinary herbs, not medicinal. What would you recommend?
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Recommendations probably differ widely based on where you live. In San Francisco, Pam Pierce's Golden Gate Gardening is a celebrated resource.
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We use The Cook's the herb garden by Browne, Leach and Titchbourne, publisher Godwit, 2001 NZ. Sixteen herbs and lots of recipes. Great bibliography, watercolor illustrations, color photos and lists of more herbs.
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Response by poster: I forgot to mention, I'd prefer suggestions that aren't location specific. Thanks.
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Herbs (some random etsy) by Roger Philiips and Nicky Foy, Pan Books 1990.

When I design herb gardens or what to know about herbs I use this (I also own most the Roger Philips' Plants series). There are not very many generic herb books as authors will write of their experience with herbs which will always be a local experience.

As many herbs are used for multiple purposes you will probably find more precise growing info in a medical herbal.
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