Hyper local news sites
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Please share your favorite hyper local news sites. All areas and languages welcome.
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Universal Hub is all Boston, all the time. Run by Mefite agaffin, it's in English. The name of the site has an interesting origin.
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Block Club Chicago is Chicago-only, and then further breaks down the site by neighborhood.
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The West Side Rag is a little window into my neighborhood
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Possibly too hyper local, but I present to you the Bolinas Hearsay News.
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The West Seattle Blog is very hyperlocal, with excellent journalism as well as this little small-town newsletter feel.
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Check out The Harrisonburg Citizen

Small town news done really well.
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Uptown Update is for the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.
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EVGrieve is for the East Village, Bowery Boogie for the LES.

I miss the West Side Rag editorial voice, but I do not miss those racist NIMBYs in the comments.
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Universal Hub is fun and that MeFite is adamg who is still pretty active here.

Vermont has a lot of local news. The White River Herald is my local town paper which covers about eight small towns. The Newport Dispatch covers Newport VT (population ~5000) and the surrounding county.
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hoodline.com for San Francisco
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The Lost Ogle is silly, sarcastic, and often the only site reporting local Oklahoma City and state news that the "real" news won't touch. They also have all the Joe Exotic stories you could want, as they've been reporting on him for years and years, lol.
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For San Francisco, Mission Local. For Berkeley, Berkeleyside. Oakland North seems to be on hiatus. The East Bay Times covers Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The East Bay Express focuses on the East Bay (largely on Oakland and Berkeley).
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South Seattle Emerald covers another quadrant of Seattle. (West Seattle Blog covers SW, Emerald covers SE.)
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SN&R for Sacramento. When I moved to Portland, I couldn't find anything with their quality of investigative reporting.
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