Power me up! Acer laptop adapter needed -but which?
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The power cord for my Acer Spin 3 needs replacing. I can buy one direct from Acer, but it's pricey and shipping timelines are vague. I'm hoping to get this quickly and am wondering if there is a suitable option on Amazon Canada.

Acer's somewhat helpful website tells me that I need a "45w adapter with power cord, small pin". I don't know enough about replacement power cords to understand if there is a universal option that will work... not sure how many different types of pins Acer uses?
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Best answer: 65W Laptop AC Adapter Portable Replacement Charger for Acer Swift Spin 1 3 5 SF113-31 SF114-32 SF314-51 SF314-52 SF315-52 SF514-52T SP111-31 SP113-31 SP315-51: Amazon.ca: Electronics

Check your model number (SF3??-??) but it comes with two sizes of plugs. This one is a little beefier than the stock Acer charger (65w vs 45w), that just means it can work with other more power-hungry Acer laptops. Just search 'ac power adapter acer YOUR_MODEL_NUMBER' and you should find something.
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