What can I use this flavored powdered sugar for?
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A few months ago, I had a couple tablespoons of orange zest leftover from a recipe. I added it to about 2 cups of powdered sugar (didn't have granulated on hand) and left it in an airtight container. I'm looking for recipes to use it in which won't obscure the delicate citrus taste of the sugar.

It now smells and tastes heavenly. Sweet (of course) with a lovely citrusy, tart, aftertaste. The texture has changed, which is to be expected - it now feels more like granulated sugar but also lumpy. I can run it through the food processor to break down the lumps, but (understandably due to the oils in the zest) haven't been able to get it back to powder form to use like I normally would powdered sugar. What can I do with this? Can it be substituted for regular granulated sugar in recipes? I'm looking for specific recipes I might use this in that will also preserve the delicate citrus taste of the sugar. There isn't much of it, but I could conceivably make more if I need to.
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You could try adding milk to a small amount of it and see if it works as a glaze. If it does, you could put it on gingerbread or some kind of cupcake or snack cake.
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I'd make orange-flavored whipped cream with this! Serve with pie crust cookies.
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Others will likely have better concrete recipes, but this sounds like it would make a heavenly whipped cream, perhaps on top of a dessert or on top of a beverage.

On preview, what DoubleLune recommends!
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I love citrus glaze on cinnamon buns.
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agree with above suggestions; you can also use it in recipes where things are finished with a layer of powdered sugar, like snowballs or french toast.
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Depending on how pronounced it is/you want it, you could make shortbread with it. I've made shortbread with lavender sugar and lemon verbena sugar, and both turned out lovely.
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I would be tempted to make these cookies, and roll the balls in the orange sugar: https://hostthetoast.com/the-best-soft-and-chewy-sugar-cookies/
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Can you use it as a garnish on a beverage? Dusted on hot chocolate or in a cocktail of some sort?
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Yeah, I was thinking beverages, too. You could use it to sweeten either hot or iced tea.
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I've used orange zest and sugar for a baked orange custard, which was lovely and delicate. Keep in mind that the older the zest the less . . .zesty. You might decide to add some fresh citrus zest to pump up the flavor.
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Make a lemon drizzle cake, but with orange instead of most of the lemon, and put your sugar on top.
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Sounds like it would make a good pound cake, and reserve some for a glaze on top. Yum!
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