Facebook event for people in different timezones
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I'd like to invite people in multiple timezones to a Facebook event and I want Facebook to display the time in each person's local timezone.

I'd like to invite people in multiple timezones to a Facebook event. Facebook shows the event in whatever timezone I set it to; it doesn't display in each person's local time according to their timezone. Is there some setting for this that I'm missing? If not, alternate ideas for event organizing? What I like about Facebook is that (a) 99% of the invitees are on it, and (b) I don't have contact info for many of the invitees so I can't email everyone an invite for example.

So far the best I've come up with is making separate Facebook sub-events per timezone but that's kind of annoying. Thanks!
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I was invited to a FB event last week that was in a different time zone. It showed me what time it started in the time zone it was scheduled in, but sent reminders to me in my time zone. So a 7 pm CT event let me know it started at 8 pm ET.
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