Chocolate chip cookies with bread flour?
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I can't get white flour, but happen to have a container of bread flour. Does anyone have a favorite (or workable) recipe for chocolate chip cookies using bread flour? As a reference point, in times of white flour abundance, we'd be happily using the Tollhouse recipe.

Please assume that I can follow directions carefully and precisely, but that I have little to no baking intuition myself.

Also, chewy, soft, cakey, or fluffy cookies are good outcomes. Crispy, dense, crumbly or greasy cookies are not.
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Best answer: I have made lots of cookies in my time with bread flour because I didn't read a package correctly. For chocolate chip I exclusively use the toll house recipe on the back of the nestle bag. There was no appreciable difference between the cookies I made with bread flour and the cookies I have made when I'm not an idiot at the grocery store.
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You can use bread flour just fine in the toll house cookie recipe. They’ll have a bit more body, is all. Unless, by “bread flour” you mean whole wheat flour, then things will be quite different. I notice that you make a distinction between “white flour” and “bread flour.”
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‘Bread flour’ in my experience just means regular white flour but with more gluten, and I agree it’s fine and even perhaps better to use it in toll house cookies, compared to all purpose flour.
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Best answer: Alton Brown's The Chewy specifically calls for bread flour and it's a recipe I use constantly. Very good. I use more than 12 oz. of chocolate chips, though, because I'm not a monster.
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Nthing - In my experience, bread flour just makes a slightly chewier cookie. Go forth and enjoy!
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Best answer: This is the recipe from Tasty that my kids and I prefer. It's very, very good. Half of the flour is bread flour. I'm sure it'd be fine if you used all bread flour. Takes some time to make (gotta let the brown butter cool) but I mean, what else do we have right now but time?
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Response by poster: Hooray! Baking tonight! (All answers appreciated - marked one of each "distinct" suggestion as best.)
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Response by poster: (Also, I apparently should have said "I can't get regular all-purpose flour, but have bread flour...")
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Can confirm that The Chewy is a great recipe! Highly recommend making brown butter first.
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You can reduce the gluten content by replacing 1 tbsp per cup of flour with cornstarch if you're worried.
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You've got your answer, but if you have cake flour, which is low-protein flour, you can blend it with your bread flour and get something closer to AP. What ratios? Hooboy, I dunno.
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Jacques Torres famous chocolate chip cookies call for equal parts bread flour and cake flour. I've made them a ton of times and they're delicious.
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Nthing that bread flour is fine, especially if you like soft, chewy cookies (which I do). Other textures may be slightly more difficult to achieve with bread flour than all-purpose.
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Response by poster: Just coming back in here to say that the bread flour tollhouse cookies were perfectly great, and not noticeably much different except that they were perhaps a bit easier to bite into on days 2 and 3. Thanks for everything!
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