Looking for the Name of a Preformance Troupe from 60's - 70's
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Back in the day, there was this very weird performance troupe called, as close as I remember, "Muminshots". That's not spelled correctly. They were either French, German or Dutch.

They did very odd things on stage, and used weird props, especially toilet paper on rolls. They'd dress up as odd looking insects and other creatures and would interact with each other on stage. It was totally bizarre.

They preformed in my city and I attended with a few friends. We were so shocked at what we were seeing that we couldn't stop laughing, and the theater management told us to STFU or get out. Apparently, what we were seeing was not a laughing matter.

Everyone today thinks I dreamt seeing these people, or I was on a bad trip (that never happened!). I've been googling for hours and can not find any mention of them. My spelling can't be that off, can it?

Anyone remember these folks? Thanks!
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wellred has it. It was not a dream; I also saw them live at least once or twice.
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I still have a copy of the program from when I saw them. They were not a dream.

The theatre manager who kicked you out for laughing was insane, they were definitely aiming for comic effect!
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Also omfg the Wikipedia article speaks of them in the present tense, they are STILL DOING STUFF. Damn.
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(They were also a Dennis Miller punchline, if memory serves.)
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I saw them a few years ago!
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Searching I find several versions of the appearances of this concept on NBC's David Letterman. Chris Elliott the inspired side kick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6KvSRc-X9U.

Spit take warning.
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I saw them in Toronto with my mom. They were delightful and clever and weird. Such a fun show!
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These guys came to the performing arts center at the community college in our area a couple of years ago. My son and I kept seeing their name on the COMING SOON marquee and thought it was so funny to say out loud. We said over and over to each other "we've GOT to go see Mummenschanz." "Who? Mummenschanz?" "Yes Mummenschanz. We need to see Mummenschanz."

We never did see Mummenschanz, to my regret.

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Thank you one and all! I'm going to be laughing about this for days! I knew I didn't imagine them!

Thanks again MeFis. Stay well!❤️+
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Also omfg the Wikipedia article speaks of them in the present tense, they are STILL DOING STUFF. Damn.

They are still doing stuff and we took our kids to see them a couple of years ago -- still awesome!
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I'm here only to say that I was absolutely terrified of them as a preschooler.
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Wow I totally remember the toilet paper thing from 321 Contact.
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I am also here only here to let you know how desperately terrified I was of them. And still am. Their toilet paper haunts me, still.
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They also toured with the Big Apple Circus in the 90s. As a kid who generally got stressed out and overwhelmed at the circus, I found Mummenschanz really calming. Maybe because of how quiet they were?
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