How can I work from home?
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I'm about to start attending college again after a year-long break. However, I'm planning on going back to classes full-time to finish up my degree and am looking for a way to work from home and make enough money to pay rent. Any ideas?

I'm currently working full-time as a temporary administrative assistant and probably won't be able to work more than 20-25 hours a week once classes start. That means I'll have to quit my current job and find income somewhere else. I can type pretty quickly (80-100WPM), and fairly accurately, and am something of an amateur web designer (I hand-coded, designed, and maintain I need to make a minimum of $300 a week and can't find anything that doesn't feel like a scam when it has the 'Work From Home!' advertisement attached to it. Suggestions?
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get a part time evening job. i know that you'll be working full time and have homework time necessary, but a part time job at night wouldn't be more than 20-25 hours a week.

most work from home things are a scam and require an initial investment that rarely pays off.
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I believe this has been asked several times before. Check out these threads. 1 2 3
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Have you thought about working on campus? Work-study or some sort of admin or mail room type job? Professors are also always looking for assistant types and the hours are very flexible.
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Phone sex pays well.
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I see you live in California. If you meet certain medical qualifications, perhaps home horticulture would work for you.
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I've considered the part-time evening job and am keeping it on the backburner, but I'm looking for at-home work as a way to avoid actually having to settle for something outside of my home.

Thanks, I was having trouble finding posted questions. I'm kind of new to AskMeFi.

I've considered working on campus as I've considered just picking up an evening job somewhere, but I'm ideally looking for something from home. Hell, even busy work at home would be better than commuting.

So I've been told.
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take advantage of your skills as a web designer and do some freelance work! perhaps you could find jobs from friends and parents, or bands looking for a website-- hell everyone wants a website nowadays -- make up a funny or interesting flyer and put it up around campus. You *dont* have to be all professional and pretentious and self-centered and annoying like most web designers -- in fact i think this would probably turn off most people and is why everyone hates nerds. just be friendly and down to earth. also, check out craigslist for freelance web work people need help with-- ive seen a lot of "my band needs a website" type postings there. you can also try searching craigslist jobs under telecommuting for work-at-home type jobs.
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If someone from Nigeria asks you to help launder some money, turn them down.
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