Expand my repertoire - emergency landing entertainment for toddlers
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So... my two and a half-year son LOVES emergency plane landings. Started with my reading him the safety card on a long flight when I ran out of other material and now he's an addict. I'm looking for suggestions on emergency landing-related books, videos available online, other things that might expand the scope of his passion? Some more detail below...

History: We took a safety card from a plane and a half year later still read it several times a day - it's on the verge of falling apart - and we act it out several times a day too when he shouts: "Assume brace positions!!!" He also loves the "water landing" scene and "evacuation scene" from the movie Sully and the "ground landing" scene from the movie Flight. Those were rewards we used for potty training and they worked like a charm - we still watch them both most days. Sometimes he also convinces us to watch these mediocre Smithsonian plane emergency-related recreations (who knew those existed...).

I don't mind his passion, but would love some variety. The level of violence/peril in the Flight crash landing scene is about as far as I'm willing to go - I don't want bloody bodies/death everywhere... I'm also open to similar material - other emergencies, other comic-type safety manuals, surprise me! Thanks so much for the help.
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Delta airlines has a number of in-flight safety videos and some are pretty funny, showing people stowing weird things and stuff like that. Maybe they would be some comic relief?
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There are youtube channels and blogs full of wild flight videos. Then I found flight deck videos. You should be able to find a toy wheel so your child can pretend fly along.
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There's a kids' book about Captain Sullenberger's emergency landing on the Hudson

There's also another one for older kids, with photos, if that's something he'd find interesting.
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I'd vet it in advance but they made a movie about Sullenberger (starring Tom Hanks so probably not too unwholesome). You could just show him the bits recreating the Hudson landing.
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YouTube will provide you with hours of entertainment but I love this video from 2005 (so the quality is not the best but shown live on CNN apparently) of a small plane landing with gear up and the sang froid of the pilot.
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I don't know if he'd enjoy photographs, but a few blocks from my house, this plane ditched in the sound and the photos are kind of pretty. Everyone was okay and it's an interesting story. There is a follow-up story with video of the plane being lifted out of the water, on the same site.
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praemunire: "I'd vet it in advance but they made a movie about Sullenberger (starring Tom Hanks so probably not too unwholesome). You could just show him the bits recreating the Hudson landing."

Here are the key scenes:

Take-off, hitting the birds, and talking to air traffic control (the bird part is a little disturbing, there's a small firey explosion, and the ATC guy says "shit" at the very tail end of the video)

Landing in the Hudson - pilot's perspective

Landing in the Hudson - passenger's perspective (louder and more chaotic)

Boats rescue the passengers
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First off, I absolutely love the specificity of your child's obsession. Moreover, reading the safety card is an excellent skill and I applaud it! Have you ever seen Ice Pilots NWT? There are a lot of emergency landings. Not sure how available the videos are but he might like some of them. You may need to vet for language!
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If you look around, there's a lot of good retrospective material on The Gimli Glider, which was an excellent heroic landing with no fatalities. I linked a general news piece that interviews some of the people who were just kids riding bikes around the runway when it came down, and there are some good stills of the evacuation slides.

I find Damn Interesting did the best coverage of the full story, for background. They're a bit dry for a toddler, though. They re-did it for the podcast a few years ago.
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