Gift card for Boston restaurant with good take-out/delivery
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A former student of mine, now in Boston, is defending her thesis on Friday. I'd like to send her and her husband a gift card to a restaurant that has good food and delivers. No dietary limits that I'm aware of. This is a moment of celebration but, of course, they can't go out and celebrate, so something festive would be nice. Suggestions?
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Might help to know what part of Boston--near a specific university? That would make a difference in my answer--someone living near Tufts would order from very different places from someone at BU.
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Agreed that it would help to know what part of Boston. If she is on the Cambridge / Somerville side of the river (Tufts / MIT / Harvard / Lesley) may I suggest Juliet in Union Square? They are a fabulous small independently owned restaurant that is currently offering "Family Meal", a meal that can be ordered online and picked up between 6-8p. I can attest that their food is delicious. They are also a no-tipping shop; everyone who works there is paid a living wage and they have been treating their employees well during the pandemic.
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Yes, if you let us know where in Boston I'll come back and give lots of recommendations.
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They live in Dorchester, according to the street address I have; looking at Google Maps, they are on the east side of I-93, slightly south of the University of Massachusetts - Boston campus.
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I just did a quick scan of the restaurants that I know and like in Dorchester and what I've realized is that A LOT are using services for their delivery during this time. Perhaps giving them a DoorDash, GrubHub or Uber Eats gift certificate would be nice? And maybe a Drizly gift card so they can get some celebratory drinks delivered?
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