Looking immediately for monthly rental near Kona, Hawaii
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My parents -- both in their 70s -- and my brother and his family -- are currently on the big island of Hawaii, scheduled to return home by plane to Wyoming at the end of next week. They're starting to think about staying in Hawaii rather than travel in the midst of COVID-19, which I'm very grateful for. I'd like to help them find a good accommodation that won't break the bank. Would love any leads on 3-4 bedroom houses where they could settle for the month of April, possibly longer.
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If you don't get any better ideas, I would look at what is on vrbo.com and then contact the owners and ask them to quote you a price for a longer term rental. I would think with tourism in the tank, you would be able to find someone happy to give your family a good deal. In fact, if an owner replies to your initial inquiry that is a little high, feel free to make a counter offer.
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Try AirBnB and VRBO. We have family members who rent out a small apartment near Hilo and they report that basically everyone is canceling everything right now, so I bet you will easily find someone who will rent to you.
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I'd bet they can negotiate a nice monthly discount for April.
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Not direct advice but something to think about: is it better to spend that money to book a flight home sooner? How are the local medical facilities in Kona?

Otherwise, good to have a backup plan if it turns out that travelling in the following two months is worse than travelling now. Are they okay on prescription drugs, do they have travel health insurance? Things like that.
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Response by poster: Believe me, I've tried to get them to travel home sooner.
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