2020: Best place for buying used IPhones?
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As question says: looking to buy a iPhone XS used, looking for best combination of price, non sketchiness and quality phones
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I’ve bought two phones from Swappa and had a very good experience with it.
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Seconding swappa!
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I've had good experiences with Glyde, I bought a used iPhone 4 that served me faithfully for about five years, till I dropped it on hard tile and shattered the screen. I probably could have repaired it, but at that point I opted to move on to a newer, and got a used SE. That was two years ago, still no issues or complaints. Not sure how the prices stack up against similar competitors (I've heard Gazelle is good too) but I've been very pleased with with the quality both times I purchased from Glyde.
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I've had multiple good experiences with Swappa. I've heard some people say they had bad experiences/gotten lemons--I think some of my luck(?) has been because I've always bought from private sellers who had been using the phones themselves until quite recently rather than people who make a business of (I gather) fixing and reselling broken phones.
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There’s a seller with on ebay called ‘mywit’ who is based in the US. I have bought several used and/or refurbished products from them, including an iPhone XS last year, and there have been no problems. Ebay ratings are high. Not associated with seller.
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I've bought literally ten used iPhones/iPads/MacBooks from Swappa and have never had a bad experience.
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I've bought two iPhones off of Ebay. Both worked as advertised.
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Very happy with my Swappa iPhone 7.
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