Macaroni and cheese recipe with cheez whiz
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My dad and I made this recipe in the early/mid-90’s. I really believe it was from the Long Beach Press-Telegram, but my memory isn’t that reliable. Definitely a magazine or a newspaper. I’m pretty sure it had onions and was a baked dish. I want to see the original source somehow. I miss my dad extra today and would like to make this recipe...

(even if now it sounds kind of yucky, we had a ton of laughs making it :) A google search brings up lots of versions of this dish, but I want to be sure this is the one. I know this is a challenging!
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Were the onions crispy on top or softened into the sauce? If they are in the sauce, soften the chopped onions in butter while the macaroni is cooking and then when you mix the pasta and cheez whiz together, stir in the onions before you bake it. If they were crispy onions, cook them until they're crisp.and golden using a mix of butter and vegetable lol and sprinkle them on top.

My google-fu is pretty good, but I couldn't find an archived recipe with onions, but as you said, there are lots online. Bon appetit!
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I would call or email the Long Beach Library and see if one of the librarians would be willing to search their archives for you.
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I originally wasn't going to chime in with an "are you sure?" but given that it's been a few days with only a couple responses, maybe it's worth a try:

Are you sure it was Cheez Whiz, and not Velveeta? In the early 90s my family made a Velveeta mac and cheese recipe very similar to this one from Betty Crocker, which contains onions, is baked, and is delicious.

Good luck with your search!
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