Computer Games with lots of Tooltips?
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Hi ALl, This is a kind of specific recommend me a game, question. :) I've lately taken to playing games with OCR, and one of the things which makes a game playable is heavy use of tooltips.

I'm curious what games might fit this particular oddball criterion? Windows games are preferred, as the resolution on DOS games is generally too low to OCR well. I love strategy games, as can be seen from that above post, but I'm open to games of most genres as long as they're fairly engaging. I'd love to see what the hive mind can come up with :)
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The game "Into The Breach" is a fun turn-based tactics game from a couple years ago that seems to be fairly heavy on tooltips. I just opened it up again and most of the buttons and options seem to pop up a tooltip. Worth a shot; it's a very fun and highly replayable game.
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By "tooltip" I mean "a text box that explains what this things does when you mouse over it".

They don't seem to be like, the official kind of tooltip built into the operating system, if that makes sense. They are just part of whatever interface was built for the game. I don't know if this matters for screen reader purposes.
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If you're up for a science fiction MMORPG you might give Play Tau Station a try.

It's browser based, with a heavy emphasis on accessibility. It should be playable in a text-only browser and is primarily a text based game with some nice UI stuff layered on top.

Here's a post from their blog: Making Tau Station an Accessible Game - Tau Station that talks about being able to use text-to-speech readers, driving it with voice commands, or even sip-and-puff.

Here's a conference video: "Modeling a Universe" - Curtis Poe. The first few minutes are conference and introduction, then he goes into the game itself. You can stop at around the 25 minute mark when he goes into the programming and development stuff. But fast-forward to about 55 minutes for the question and answer section.

Here's a long unofficial FAQ: An Introduction to Tau Station | Tau Station Player’s Guide.

If it's not a game for you, maybe somebody else would like to give it a try. I'm not a gamer but I'm curious if it's a decent MMORPG or not.
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Aviary Attorney is a graphic adventure with lots of text, and Elsinore has tool tips for all its elements. Hope they work!
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You could try Pathfinder: Kingmaker. It’s a very detailed D&D-like game that has tool tips for almost every on-screen option and control. Most elements also can be right-clicked to view even more detail, and there’s an in-game encyclopedia to boot. It features a mix of tactical combat, character ‘career’ strategizing, and management of a kingdom.
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