A beautiful, Mexican song of death --help me find it?
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Music/VideoFilter: Looking for the name of a music video with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme.

I saw this late at night on PBS. Although I couldn't understand the Spanish, the gist of the video was of a man who had refused to accept the fact that he had died and was now among the dead. Eventually the man relents and finds peace in joining the community of the dead.

Its music was fairly traditional, a woman's voice and maybe couple of guitars, no pop overtones. The video was done very well in a claymation/Corpse Bride type style, and the underworld and its characters were all rendered in what I call traditional Mexican, Day of the Dead style. Although the music was quite sad, the video was light and whimsical.
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Was this something you saw recently? Can you contact the station?
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Response by poster: Was this something you saw recently? Can you contact the station?

No, I'd say I saw it 18 - 24 months ago. I looked around WGBH's (the local PBS station) website some and couldn't find it.
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Mmm. The only Spanish video I recall that is animated like that is "Calaveras y diablitos" by Fabulosos Cadillacs... is from Argentina, but that one has a man singing.
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It sounds a lot like a short film, "Dia de los Muertos, " by Kirk Kelley. An excerpt of the film can be found here. (Select "Directors," and then Kelley's name. "Dia de los Muertos" is the clip on the far right of the list, but because it's a damn flash site, I can't directly link to it.)

Is this it?
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(and if it is, I can ask Kirk what the music is, since I know him.)
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Best answer: As an alternate selection in case the Kelley short isn't it, I suggest the possibility of "Hasta Los Huesos" or in English, "Down To The Bone". It is an award-winning 12 minute movie by René Castillo. Claymation? Check. Day of the Dead theme? Check. Mexican band with female singer credited? Check. Played on PBS? Check. About a guy who's not sure he wants to join the dead? Check (or so the synopses indicate).

I can't find the movie online for viewing, but this page has a lot of information on it including a couple of stills. It's the second movie listed, don't be faked out by the first listing on the page, also a claymation effort.

Interesting that there is more than one movie that your fairly precise description could fit. It's a big old goofy world.
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Response by poster: That's it! Awesome. Thanks so much.

Also, a big thank you to Dersins for your efforts.
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Response by poster: Postscript: The whole film may be viewed here at the production company, Calavera Films, website.
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Response by poster: Sorry to post in my own thread again, but that link is wrong. It's www.calaverafilms.com
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