How would one go about legally obtaining a real human skull?
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How would one go about legally obtaining a real human skull?
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this site came up under sponsored links when i searched for medical teaching aids. I have no clue if they're legit, but searching for teaching aids seems to be the trick.
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or, perhaps, the obvious choice, skulls unlimited. Although this site is more creeoy than the other one. Plus, skulls are expensive.
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Oh my god you can buy baby skulls. And a carrying case. If I ever become a mad scientist I know where to go.
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Searching eBay for skull seems to yield several
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The Bone Room was a shopping destination in a recent-ish MythBusters episode. Apparently their human skulls start at $350.
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If you're around New York, you can go skull-shopping at Evolution. They have a large selection of skulls and other human bits (even complete infant skeletons).
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Carolina Biological carried them years ago when I used to deal with them.
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Sorry but I just have to share this. An anthropology prof I once had told a story about a site he had to work on in an underground mausoleum in Baltimore. It seems that many of the bodies interned there were noticably missing skulls, fingers, and things of that nature...the prof's team was sent in to figure out why. It turns out that the homeless population was using the crypt (which was something of a catacomb) as a shelter in the winter, being underground and typically warmer than outside.

At first they looted the obvious stuff, jewelry and wedding rings and what not. That explains the fingers. But apparently one of them figured out that an easy way to make 15 or 20 dollars was to decapitate one of the crypt's older residents, then sell it to a medical student at the nearby medical school. By the time this was figured out a lot of people lost their heads.

So to answer your question, go hang out around a big city med school and talk to the bums. You never know.

(another aside- sorry- best friend in high school's dad had a real human skull whose origins he refused to divulge. The man used it as a pencil holder.)
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At one time, you could get Chinese skulls for a relatively low price on eBay.
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I think I found the medical teaching link last year some time. Whether that was exactly it or not is debatable. But I do remember that they charged more for a more complete skull (teeth and stuff) My favorite part was that while the complete skulls were teaching aids the lower priced skulls were "Suitable for ritualistic purposes"
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Out of curiosity, why do you need it?
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There was a place on Melrose called 'Necromance' while I was a med student in L.A. They had a wonderful skull - every feature and tooth intact - for $650 and some banged up old skulls for less. I couldn't afford to buy the nice skull, but I often think of it.

There are ethical issues involved in the acquisiton and use of human body parts. I suggest that you consider carefully what purpose you might want them for, that a plastic skull wouldn't serve just as well.
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