Where can I find a simple video on using an iPad in Japanese?
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I gave my old iPad to one of my elderly Japanese students and he loves it. And he also loves asking me how to use it. But I'm leaving soon and he needs more help. Is there a video or video series online - and in Japanese - that shows a newbie the ins and outs of the iPad? I've looked but, not speaking Japanese, I don't know what's good.
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Do you live in Japan? If you do, the local Apple Store should have a free today at apple session where they teach iPad various iPad skills from the basics to more advanced skills.

You can also take them again and again for free - with different teachers or with the same one.
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Also to add: these sessions use video so your student can go back and review them.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately the closest apple store is a 2.5 hour bus ride away from where we are in Japan. So while that's fine for me, it's not so good for an 85 year old guy.
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If you send him this link, it will bring up a bunch of "iPad basics" videos in Japanese (the third is literally titled "class for seniors on how to use the iPad"). This isn't a series, just a bunch of search results. I didn't find a series per se.

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Was just about to post similar search results, i.e. "ipad 使い方 初心者" (ipad how-to-use beginner). On Chrome, you can auto-translate the page via Google Translate (right-click menu) which may give you more info to match your exact needs.

The same seniors course that adamrice mentioned - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHGCHfpzWwQ - looks like the author has more similar ones, i.e. how to set up Line, keyboard settings, etc: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl9xcZWKpR4PUZkMLyQ9cVw
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Response by poster: A lot of those are 7 years old. Do they mostly still apply?
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Difficult to say depending on the content of the video, but you can also try adding ios12 or ios13 to the search terms in Youtube to filter out the most outdated results.
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