looking for an arthritis specialist in SLC
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To those of you who live in Salt Lake City : can you recommend a doctor for me to see about my knee osteoarthritis? I do have insurance but can't wade through the listing of doctors.

To those of you who live in medical marijuana states:
do you use cannabis for your arthritis? It will be available in Utah next month.
To those of you with osteoarthritis:
what OTC medication or routine works for you?
I am a 67 year old female, somewhat overweight with insurance through Medicare. I have been experiencing pain every day for a year. My osteopath administered some injections that were supposed to ease the pain for 4-6 months, but only worked for 4 weeks. He said anything else he could try would not be covered by my insurance. I don't want to have replacement surgery for so many reasons!
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The CBD or whatever oil is already available in Utah. According to a friend who buys it legally, because they are classic Utah, no illegalities, even for pain relief from arthritis.
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