Transatlantic travel on a freighter ship?
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I've always wanted to cross the atlantic by boat. A conventional cruise ship isn't really appealing to me. I have a little money to spend on this dream (50th birthday present to myself!), but don't know where to start. The web pages of the freighter lines that take passengers are not really helpful, and some raise red flags.

Has anyone here done this or know where I might start to poke around for options that are unlikely to be sketchy?
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Best answer: Here's a recent article in the Guardian.

I imagine you've already checked out
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Best answer: I know the writer of this blog she has also traveled overland from NZ to London and AFAIK return. Some info there to start with, and there's a link to a radio podcast interviewing people who have done this.

freightertravel nz - despite the name they arrange freighter trips globally.
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How about a sailboat instead of a cargo ship? This site has sailboats looking for paying crew/passengers on trans-Atlantic passages.
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