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We got an Instapot for Christmas. I used it last night to make tomato soup. It was delicious. I get most of my recipes from blogs. I'm looking for Instapot specific blogs. No dietary restrictions. Savory and sweet both interest me. Thanks!
posted by kathrynm to Food & Drink (10 answers total) 63 users marked this as a favorite is the best I've found. Her effort:reward ratio is always on point (i.e. as low as it can be and still be tasty.) She does both instant pot and air fryer recipes but her site is very nicely indexed so you can search with "instant pot" as one of the parameters (as well as diet plan, main ingredient etc.)
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Metafilter's own - veggieboy - wrote a cookbook How To Instant Pot. I read it as part of my Kindle Unlimited access and really liked it - simple enough to act as a jumping off point but not all recipes are basic. Also, as he notes in the Metafilter Projects post, despite his username it's not all vegetarian recipes.
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I love is these inserts!. I will put rice, potato,, veg in one bowl and meat and tons of herbs in the other. When you cook everything in the same pot it gets too mixed together and some items don’t hold up well stewing together. So, you still get instapot goodness with some versatility in how you want to combine it all.
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Myheartbeets has good indian recipes (I also bought her instant pot cookbook, and like it)

Dad cooks dinner also has good instant pot recipes.
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Melissa Clark’s “Dinner In An Instant” is well worth getting from the library. A lot of the recipes are on NYT.
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Two sleevers is also an incredibly awesome person, I've met her in person at a conference.
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I’ve had a lot of success with the pressure cooker recipes in the following blogs:

Nom Nom Paleo
Pressure Cook Recipes
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Pressure Cooking Today has been my go-to since I first got my Instant Pot 4 years ago. It's not fancy; if anything the recipes are absolutely optimized for what pressure cooking does very well and what the auxiliary features of the IP do, rather than trying to convince you to do crap like pressure cook steaks or vegetables that are never going to survive the process.

When I'm riffing recipes, I'll often go back to reference close approximations there as a jumping off point.

Agreed that twosleevers has emerged as a primary source now, as well, and has more sophisticated recipes than a lot of sites.
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Seconding Amy + Jacky (

I especially like their experimental spirit — they often show their work in comparing a few different ways to make something, like yogurt or pot roast.

(I’m still mad at Two Sleevers for the utter, un-kitchen-tested fiasco that is the print version of the Indian Instant Pot cookbook — although I am being somewhat unreasonable here, since the web versions of the recipes seem to be corrected and properly kitchen-tested. Just don’t buy the print cookbook and you’ll be fine.)
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I’m still mad at Two Sleevers for the utter, un-kitchen-tested fiasco that is the print version of the Indian Instant Pot cookbook —

Interesting—I bought that cookbook and have made a bunch of recipes and thought they were quite good, and didn’t have problems. I wonder If they released a corrected edition.
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