Best oil for foot massage?
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I'd like to give more and better foot massages to my wife and I want to have some kind of oil to really make it best. Is there any kind of oil out there that's better than others?
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When I worked in spas they used either a Biotone brand massage lotion or cream, or fractionated coconut oil depending on how much friction or slippery-ness you need.
The fractionated coconut oil is a liquid all the time, and doesn't solidify when it gets cold like the extra virgin or cold pressed/unprocessed coconut oil used in cooking, beauty products, etc.
If you don't like the smell of coconut, I would recommend jojoba oil.
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My wife loves massages, and I hate the feeling of having greasy lotion on my hands. We use almond oil and are both very happy. Very nice scent, super slippery, not too slimy.
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I, the recipient, have always used a Lush massage bar for this. I've strayed occasionally to their other options, but my favorite is Therapy, which they say is sweet orange, neroli, and lavendar. I hate lavendar and don't smell it in this except maybe as a faint herbal note, it mostly smells like vanilla-y citrus to me.

Mostly my husband just rubs the bar between his hands to load up on oil and then rubs my feet, but I have cranky shins that like intense pressure, so he'll use the bar directly on them and then rub in the oil.
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It really does depend on preference, some like thin oils, some like heavy. I'd recommend using a base oil and adding a few drops of essential oil for scent.
For heavy base I'd go with coconut oil (cooking type is fine, the refined stuff is virtually scentless), light I'd go lower scented almond or sesame.

For scent I like woody scents like cypress or pine, but there's a wide variety of essential oild easily available these days. You can go citrusy, floral, foody, or mix and match. The essential oil can also be used for sensation in addition to scent: icy tingly with menthol or eucalyptus, or warming with cinnamon or other spice oils.

If you like a light oil, you may like Neutrogena scentless body oil as a base. It's just a light sesame oil with isopropyl myrsistate to help it sink in to your skin, and is often less expensive than similar pure oils.
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Post-massage tip: gel socks or heel socks afterwards will encourage the oil to soak in to her feet rather than just ending up on sheets/clothes/floor. I like the toe-less ones, I can even fall asleep in them despite my loathing for sleeping in socks.
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My faves: almond oil if you want to do longer massages and need more slip. Biotone Advanced Therapy lotion for frequent massages and no mess; it's really a great massage lotion.
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My experience is that massage cream or lotion is better for footwork. You’ll also want to really wipe off any residue afterward so the recipient doesn’t slip or slide walking around.
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Massage creams for feet, especially ones with peppermint/menthol, are my favorite. They stay slippery, but make less mess thank oil and they end up absorbing well enough that walking after isn't an exercise in trying not to slip and break your neck. Plus, the menthol and mint create a very nice invigorating sensation that is so soothing.
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L'Occitane has a great peppermint foot cream!
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