Miami transportation on Super Bowl Sunday?
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6 months ago I booked a flight and a hotel to go to Miami, and now I find out I'm landing in the middle of Super Bowl Sunday. How can I get from the airport to my hotel?

Living in Europe, I had no idea I was coming to Miami on the worst possible day of the year. I've tried a dozen car services and they all laughed at me (although one said they could offer me a ride with a $2200 Super Bowl surcharge). Will there be any taxis at the airport? Lyft or Uber? Public transportation (hotel is in South Beach)? Some other brilliant idea?
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Best answer: It will help to know what time you’re landing, but I would be absolutely shocked if there weren’t plenty of cabs/Uber available.
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Response by poster: Arriving around 3PM.
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Best answer: Does the hotel offer a shuttle or perhaps have any suggestions?
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Best answer: There is an express bus between MIA airport and Miami Beach. It's route #150 (aka the 'Airport Flyer', aka the 'Miami Beach Airport Express'). Here's the Sunday schedule eastbound from the airport to Miami Beach. In my experience (I lived in Miami for a couple years) it's quite reliable. If you're staying in any of the hotels along Ocean Drive or Collins Avenue south of 44th Street it's an excellent option for getting to/from the airport quickly and inexpensively. Here's a route map. The fare is $2.65 and they do accept cash. If you don't happen to have exact change you can pay any amount over that, but don't expect to receive any change. Uber, Lyft, and taxis are also readily available at the airport.

Feel free to MeMail me if you have any other questions!
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Best answer: I should add that you can also buy a ticket or a fare card for the bus at the airport station using any payment method. To get to the station, just take the MIA Mover (the free monorail) to Central Station, where car rentals and the buses are located.
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Best answer: If it were me, I would expect no issues getting a Lyft or Uber from the airport, but would build in extra commute time for traffic and expect to pay a surge price.
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Best answer: I've also taken the Miami airport-Miami Beach express bus and would second that option.

Here's the route map (PDF). You'll see the bus literally doesn't make any stops once it leaves the airport until it gets to Miami Beach (and you will have driven across a very obvious causeway bridge) so it's pretty easy to figure out where you are/which stop you need.
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Best answer: Slightly out-there suggestion but - you have a hotel room in Miami for the Super Bowl. Any way you could offload it to football fans at a premium and use the $$ to change your flight and fly in on Monday?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, AskMeFi is wonderful! I marked every answer as a best answer because they were all really helpful to me. I was worried about getting stranded while being groggy from a transatlantic flight, but you've all reassured me that I have a good chance of getting there by first trying for a taxi, then Uber/Lyft as plan B, and then the bus as plan C (with lots of great instructions from this thread). I called the hotel and they think there will be plenty of taxis.

I hadn't thought of offloading the room. I wish I had that idea a month ago when I still had a chance to change my travel plans ...
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Response by poster: Update: No problems finding a taxi at the airport, as everything was actually much calmer than my worrying mind and the car service people led me to believe. But there was talk of surge prices of over $350 for a ride on Uber. Thanks again, everyone!
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